Hotel managers, hotel front desk personnel, building engineers, security personnel (if available), and guest all have different response procedures specific to their incident scenario.

Firefighters presume that everybody including building managers, staff, and occupants all know what the best procedures for response to fire alarms and fire are. Consequently, their expertise and concern are focused on what they have to do when they arrive, not what is need to do before they arrive.

The management and occupant response to fire alarms and fire issue is another field of fire-science between managing building occupancies (before firefighters arrive) and managing rescue and firefighter operations (after firefighters arrive) that has not been well researched to develop appropriate plans and procedures.

The Importance of Fire Safety in the Hotel Business

Fire safety should never be overlooked as the results of poor practices can be truly devastating. Below are some consequences of poor fire safety practices.

  • Injuries and Fatalities
  • Damage of Property and Costs
  • Damage of Brand

Fire Protection & Prevention

Better equipment, staff training and thorough procedures in the event of a fire are all important in the protection and prevention of fire.The Main steps to take to protect this business are listed below .

Install Essential Fire Safety Equipment

To be able to protect your hospitality business in the case of a fire, having the essential fire safety equipment is crucial. Particular in areas of higher risk, such as kitchens and catering facilities in hotel business.

Essential fire safety equipment includes:

  • Fire alarms; to detect a fire
  • Fire extinguishers; to put out the flame(s)
  • Emergency lighting; to help guide people to safety when evacuating if the main power supply is cut
  • Dry/wet risers; to supply water to upper floors of taller buildings
  • PAT tester; to check the safety of electrical equipment

Test Equipment Regularly

This may sound simple, however, checking if the fire equipment  is functioning as it should do is something that can easily be overlooked by hotels and other businesses alike.

Fire-fighting equipment won’t save any lives if they don’t work. They should be checked regularly, such as when business does their routine fire risk assessment to ensure the fire safety equipment is fit for the job.

Train All the Staff

Knowing what to do in the event of a fire breaking out in  hotel business is crucial. If all the staffs know what to do, they can prevent the fire from spreading and becoming worse , thus saving lives and as much of the property as possible

Now the importance of fire safety in hospitality are all stated above and the best practices for preventing a fire, it’s time to take the necessary step to keep hotel business safe.