Benefits of ISO Certifications


Do You Really Need Management system (Process Documentation) for organisations?

Entrepreneurs sometimes push Implementation of MS to the side, especially when their emerging business runs on a limited number of staff members who juggle multiple hats. Lack of time and awareness holds many companies back from managing processes efficiently.

Business leaders may not realize that Implementation MS & process documentation leads to improved efficiency and empowers them to meet customer’s needs effectively. When customers can find better service elsewhere, your business is at risk. There’s no way around it—process improvement is crucial to long-term survival and growth

It may help to Assess the overall context of your organization to define who is affected by your work and what they expect from you. This will enable you to clearly state your objectives and identify new business opportunities.


Improved Customer Satisfaction: As processes are defined, quality becomes more consistent, and staff are more focused on achieving conformity to customer requirements, customer satisfaction will increase and misunderstandings with customers will be reduced.

Market Recognition: Because ISO is a global quality standard, companies around the world can recognize your ISO certified MS. This can result in increased business opportunities and reduced costs since customers may not be required to perform on-site audits.

More consistent quality: ISO certification demands a focus on a definition of and conformity to product requirements. This promotes consistency in process inputs and raw materials, how work is performed, how product is tested, and data is recorded, which results in more consistent product quality.

Legal/ Contractual

As per the international study, 53% of companies obtaining ISO Certification were asked to become certified in relevant ISO standard by customer/ Client.

  • General mandatory requirements in Kuwait
  • KOC/ KNPC Pre-Qualification (for Category of contractor, supplier and consultant)
  • Tender Submission: for Major construction or maintenance projects in MEW and MPW (Nowadays its become mandatory especially Safety standards)
  • Vendor/ Supplier Registration in MNC’s & Major companies: All MNC’s and Major companies has their own Vendor/Contactor/supplier evaluation process. QHSE is one of the element for the same.


ISO Certifications represents the result of a lot of hard work, collaboration, investment, and careful decision making, and finally your company has received its ISO Certifications  

Here are few simple marketing techniques you can apply to help promote your ISO certification achievement:

  • Add ISO certification badges/logos to your website
  • Add ISO certification badge/logos to your business cards or brochures
  • Locate an appropriate section on your website to link to the .pdf of your official Certificate of Approval.
  • Announce your ISO certification achievement on social media and/or your website

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