Information Security Management System


ISO 27001 is an international standard for Information Security Management System (ISMS). Its best-practice approach helps organizations manage their information security by addressing people and processes as well as technology.

What is ISO 27001 Information Security Management System?

ISO 27001 is an international standard for Information Security Management System (ISMS). It is a systematic and pro-active approach to effectively manage the risk related to confidential information of the organization.

This ISO 27001 standard will improve your organization coordinate all your security endeavors both physically and electronically. It will demonstrate to potential clients that you take the security of their business or own data seriously. It assures that you have a predictable and cost-effective method to deal with data management.

Information Security Management System (ISMS)

An ISMS is a well-organized way to deal with sensitive business data so that it stays secure. It includes people, procedures, IT frameworks by applying a danger management process. It can support small, medium, large companies in any sector and keep their data assets secure.

The new version of ISO 27001:2013 Certification

ISO 27001 is the global standard that is understood globally for overseeing dangers to the security of data you hold. Certification to ISO 27001 permits you to demonstrate to your customers and other partners that you are dealing with the security of your data.

ISO 27001:2013 (the new version of ISO 27001) implements a lot of standardized requirements for ISMS (Information Security Management System). The standard embraces a system-based methodology for building, executing, operating, maintaining, monitoring, and improving your ISMS.

Why ISO 27001 Certification?

Information is a valuable asset that an organization processes or owns. It can be electronically stored data, information transmitted by email, printed data, information that individuals hold within the organization.

Implementation of ISO 27001 aids to secure all financial and confidential data, minimizing the probability of it being accessed illegally or without permission. It describes the organization’s commitment and compliance with global best practices, creating confidence in suppliers, stakeholders that the security system is predominant in the operation process of the organization.

By implementing ISO 27001, an organization will identify the type of information that exists within the organization and define the risks and threats. Systems, controls, and procedures can then be set up to minimize the risk.

Benefits of ISO 27001 certification

ISO 27001 Certification why and benefits to you and your customer

  • Identify the type of information that exists within the organization and defines risks and threats
  • Innovate, broaden your customer base and operate confidentially, knowing your data is secure
  • Avoiding incidents to happen results in cost reduction
  • Clearly defined responsibilities and roles for smooth operation
  • Enhanced the business image in the market
  • Install confidence in the customer as a trustworthy organization resulting in a strong customer/supplier relationship
  • Secures the confidential data/information
  • Proper access controls lower the risk of accidental exposure to confidential/sensitive information
  • Provides evidence that the employer is meeting data handling security guidelines
  • Job roles and responsibilities are clearly defined which enhance job satisfaction

How to get ISO 27001 ISMS Certification in Kuwait?

ISO ISMS 27001 is the international best practice for Information security. ISO 27001 certification is a significant and effective resource that an organization possesses.

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ISO 27001 certification process

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Simple steps for ISO 27001 certification process:

1. Basic assessment

2. Drafting of documentation

3. Presentation of ISO Certification

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